Barred Owl on fence watching Racoon scrounge

Raccoon: Backyard Shenanigans

After finding my backyard bird feeder on the ground two mornings in a row I put up the trail cam.

Ah ha! I had brought the feeder in, but there was plenty of seed scattered around the ground.

Racoon Reaching Up Bird Feeder Pole
Racoon Reaching Up Bird Feeder Pole

A couple of nights later, I discovered the Raccoon had company: check out the pair of eyes on the fence, just to the left of the pole.

Barred Owl on fence watching Racoon scrounge
Barred Owl on fence watching Racoon scrounge

Here’s a low quality 20 second video where you can see the owl’s eyes change as it turns its head.

Update: depending on how you are viewing this post, the video may not play. On Ted’s iPad, viewing through WP Reader, the controls are visible but nothing happens 🙁.

The raccoon came back about an hour later and there was no sign of the Owl. The camera had not picked up his movements coming or going.

I’m identifying the bird as a Barred Owl based on size and regularly hearing one in the area.

GardePro A3 Trail Camera

3 thoughts on “Raccoon: Backyard Shenanigans”

  1. How cute!
    Love the trail cam.
    Caught a bear and a couple of bobcats on mine, and a fuzzy image that I’m calling a Chupacabra!


    1. 🙂 We’ve had the camera for a couple years, all excited at first but had put it away when we got nothing but the occasional squirrel. Our yard is fenced in so no bear, bobcat or Chupacabras! I guess any of them could climb over, but easier work going the other way.

      We do have a tract of woods behind us and I think I need to put it outside the fence to see what roams back there.

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