12 thoughts on “Gulf Fritillary On Sand Dune Flowers”

    1. Thanks, Belinda. We can see a few off and on for weeks especially nearer to the coast. We’ve had some frost out here in the country but not a real freeze. That could hold off until January.

  1. Fantastic photos. There were so many gulf fritillaries in my garden today. The one in flight is amazing! What is your secret?? I can never get a clear photo!

    1. Thanks! There really is a lot of luck involved because it is hard to predict their flight patterns like you can with a lot of birds.

      I use either pinpoint or four point focus group, depending on how much vegetation there is around so that the lens doesn’t focus on something else.

      Shutter speed at least 1250.

      And take a lot of shots. I use slow speed continuous shutter and just hold the shutter button down when I think I’ve got it through when I think the action is over.

    1. Thanks, Liz, for that lovely complement! Yes, I’m not quite sure what it is–some type of bee. It always amazes me that these wispy creatures hang out at the beach where there is almost always a breeze, if not a wind.

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