Nickels, Dimes and other Small Things

During yesterday’s visit to Essex, CT we saw more than birds. A walk-able village that caters to tourists, Essex homeowners and shopkeepers are detail oriented with fall themed decorations everywhere you look.

The most unexpected thing I saw was a carriage of politicians being pulled by “Dime” and his colleague “Nickel.” I hope the names don’t speak to the state of the Essex government on election day.

The “Three Blind Mice” wreath fit with the literature theme of many of the Halloween decorations still in evidence. I last photographed the bird house with eight inches of snow covering the doorways. No decorations but it appears to have a fresh coat of paint–protection for the coming winter.

And the dog was waiting patiently for his owner to return, ball at the ready.

Click on any photo for larger view or slide show.


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