Great Egret Stick Gathering

Selection of the sticks to add to the nest is important business. This Great Egret selected and discarded a few before being satisfied.

Great Egret

A short trip back to the nest.


This was repeated several times with sticks selected from several points around the pond.

Great Egret Nest Building

The female took each contribution and added it to the nest.

Great Egrets Nesting

Magnolia Plantation Audubon Swamp Rookery, 3/3/2017.

6 thoughts on “Great Egret Stick Gathering”

    1. It is, Belinda! There are Great Blue Heron and Great Egret nests being actively worked on around this pond, some of the pairs have been at it for weeks. I don’t know if they keep at it after the eggs are laid or not, but hope to find out.

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