White Ibis

White Ibis 2

Now that I’ve gotten more comfortable with the Sony Alpha 6500 for landscape images I’m spending some time working with the 55-200 mm lens for bird photos. Making adjustments is less intuitive than the Canon gear I’ve become accustomed to, but these Ibis were just hanging around which gave me some time to think about what I was doing.

White Ibis
White Ibis – click on image for larger view

In addition to the poser above, several Ibis were pecking at the edge of the pond. Their blue eyes are one of these birds’ claim to fame.

White Ibis
White Ibis – click on image for larger view

I don’t usually do this but in this last image I did edit out the poop on his back side. The White Ibis are so white that it just bothered me.

White Ibis
White Ibis – click on image for larger view

I’m making progress but more practice is definitely in order!

7 thoughts on “White Ibis 2”

  1. Their blue eyes are stunning along with their I call it “coral-color” beak. Lovely photos, Ellen…..and I’ll confess, I’ve taken out a poop or two in my photos that might’ve been on the piling or structure a bird was perched on. 😆

  2. Why the switch to Sony?
    Just curious.
    I hear they’re highly recommendable, but Canon is no slouch.
    Alas, my heart is with Nikon.


    1. Not so much a switch as an addition. I wanted a lighter weight camera to carry along with the Canon with Canon 100-400mm lens attached to capture landscapes without risking missing a great bird opportunity when the landscape lens was attached.

      I’ve worked out a way to have one on each shoulder.

      My original intent was to get a non interchangeable lens camera (less money and even lighter) but was persuaded having more options was a good idea. So far the images I’ve captured with the 50-210 mm lens aren’t well focused, probably due to operator error.

      I love the Canon and will be my camera for birds, but did I mention it is heavy?
      I know Nikon has a tremendous following. I narrowed it down to Sony and Fuji; the Fuji’s buttons were just too small for my fingers and Sony had more lens options.

      1. Makes sense to have the second camera.
        I see wildlife photogs carry a 600mm fixed lens, so they frequently have a medium-range zoom on the second body.
        My Fuji Finepix served me well for many years (fixed zoom lens), but finally broke down.
        Maybe someday…


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