Growing up I was terrified of these creatures that we called darning needles. Stories were passed from kid to kid about your lips getting sewn shut. Swearing might have been required to invoke the sewing activity but I never saw any kid so inflicted.

Dragonfly on stump – click photo for larger view

Now I know that the dragonflies eat bugs so I’m happy to have them around. The ones we see in South Carolina are much prettier than the ones I remember in Maine, but that may be a trick of time.

Dragonfly on stick- click photo for larger view

Sometimes they land right on the duck weed but more often take advantage of the other pond plants.

Dragonfly perched over duck weed – click photo for larger view

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    1. Thanks, Belinda! Hard to see how they survive their wings are so delicate. I used your tip that they often return to the same spot to get better shots.

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