Yellowlegs Sparring

Yellowleg Battle

I don’t know what these two Yellowlegs were sparring about, but they were pretty serious. They repeated this dance in several spots at the edge of the pond. It might be a mating dance but in October in South Carolina that seems out of sync.

Yellowlegs Sparring
Yellowlegs Sparring

The contrast between the birds and the grassy background isn’t what I had hoped for but the action and their flight skills were fascinating. Click on any photo for a larger view.

Yellowlegs Sparring
Yellowlegs Sparring, taking turns in the air

I don’t usually include this many images in a post but wanted to show the whole sequence. If you have Javascript you can jump to the bottom of this post and view the images as a slideshow.

Yellowlegs Sparring
Yellowleg Faceoff
Yellowlegs Sparring
Yellowlegs grabbing beaks
Yellowlegs Sparring
Yellowleg dropping onto his foe from above
Yellowlegs Sparring
Yellowleg pushing his foe down; the lower bird got partially submerged  but I didn’t get the shot.
Yellowlegs Sparring
Yellowlegs setting up for another round
Yellowlegs Sparring
Yellowlegs in an elegant dance

Slide Show

If you have Javascript click on one of the photos below to view the photos as a slide show. If you don’t have Javascript you’ll see the photos repeated.

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