Marsh Sparrow

Secretive Sparrow

Secretive is a word that Cornell Lab’s AllAboutBirds uses to describe the behavior of many sparrows. The song birds often keep a layer of branches or undergrowth between them and a would be photographer.

Marsh Sparrow

Secretive as he was, zipping in and out of the reeds at the edge of the path along the edge of the old rice field, I did get a few good shots.

Marsh Sparrow
Marsh Sparrow

The yellow around his eye points to a Savannah Sparrow or a Swamp Sparrow. Or it could be one of the 30 other Sparrow variations listed on their website. On the Song Sparrow listing they say:

Don’t let the bewildering variety of regional differences this bird shows across North America deter you…

I am deterred from proper identification but not the photograph.

Marsh Sparrow
Marsh Sparrow

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