Wild Hog

Wild Pig Getting a Drink

I’ve heard stories and read articles about South Carolina’s wild pigs, especially about how destructive they can be and how their population has exploded since the 1980s.  Depending on the source they may be referred to as hogs or boars. This is the first one I’ve seen and in quite an unexpected spot: a canal at the edge of an old rice field where I’ve often photographed egrets, herons and alligators.

Wild Pig
Wild Pig

There is still a little snow around the edges of the ponds, some of the non-moving water is frozen over and the dense grass areas have ice in them. This may have been the best watering spot he could find, even with the mud.

Wild Hog
Wild Hog

He sauntered away–I’m not sure he could have run if he needed to, being up to his knees in that mud.

Wild Boar
Wild Boar

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11 thoughts on “Wild Pig Getting a Drink”

    1. I think the mud bath may have been doing him good and this one didn’t look like much of a threat, although there was that canal and a few alligators between us! Unfortunately they have become a destructive and costly nuisance, from digging up urban yards to rooting up crops.

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  1. In Europe too there is an explosion of wild hogs, they look different than yours but they are even bigger I think, they ruin a lot of gardens I hear. So far they are not in our area (yet) but when we were in France last year we saw the damage they could do !


    1. I think this was a young one, but I don’t know how big they get and I didn’t expect one to look like this. Most of the photos I’ve seen they are black. I hope they stay away from your gardens!


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