Hooded Merganser Female

Hooded Mergansers

The Hooded Mergansers tend to be shy and I usually see them retreating shortly after I spot them. I happened to be sitting on a low wall watching a pond when these two swam by me, close enough to get a shot.

Hooded Merganser Female
Hooded Merganser Female – click image for larger view

The brown reeds and grasses of late winter made a golden glow on the water, a nice complement to these gorgeous ducks. The male is certainly flashier, especially when he has his hood up, but the female is an understated beauty.

Hooded Merganser Male
Hooded Merganser Male – click image for larger view


3 thoughts on “Hooded Mergansers”

  1. Such a nice surprise subject.
    We had a brood of Mergansers as neighbors camping at Long Lake, NY. Once they became accustomed to us, they swam by regularly for treats, though never came too close for comfort.


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