Boynton House

Boynton House

Nature is working on reclaiming the Boynton House located in South Carolina’s Donnelley Wildlife Management Area.  Managed by SC Department of Natural Resources, the front lawn is kept roughly mowed as this is a parking area for one of the managed nature trails.

Boynton House
Boynton House guarded by a magnificent Live Oak

Once part of a thriving cattle farm the house was abandoned ages ago, and other than the occasional mowing is being left to rot.

Boynton House
Boynton House

This view of one end of the house shows the vegetation encroaching on the back of the building. The other end was completely covered with vines. I was standing in a sea of poison ivy to take this image and decided I didn’t need to see the back and retreated.

Boynton House
Boynton House

These images were taken at the end of April and by mid-summer I expect even less of the house will be visible.

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