Orchard Oriole

Orchard Oriole

It took me about five of her trips to catch this female Orchard Oriole pausing outside her nest. I had first seen her dart up to the branch and then poof, she was gone. I watched this clump of Spanish Moss for awhile and saw it moving like someone was in it and finally saw a head peak out. The opening of the nest faces the limb with leaves.

Orchard Oriole
Female Orchard Oriole bringing grass to the nest

Fortunately for me she was a creature of habit and flew the same pattern from the nest to a swampy area to gather grass and back, singing both ways alerting me to be ready.

Orchard Oriole
Female Orchard Oriole

On one of her trips she stopped for a look around before continuting on her way.

Orchard Oriole
Female Orchard Oriole

17 thoughts on “Orchard Oriole”

    1. I just looked the bellbird up, found a very nice site, New Zealand Birds Online. They sure are similar, and the Bellbird does look a bit bossy from the pics. We went back this afternoon and was disappointed not to see any activity at the nest.
      (Edited–sorry, fat fingers the first time!)

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      1. Bellbird is VERY bossy and always fussing about or zooming around like a pocket rocket.When they have young, they seem to have a regular singing school. Sounds hilarious, like being in church when not many people know a hymn but gamely struggle along not always hitting the right notes! But then along comes the bigger and faster tui and bellbird has to flee at rocket speed because tui is even more bossy! Interesting also in that the tui is a songbird as well!

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