Alligator and Anhinga

Do Birds Play Chicken?

Alligators follow their instincts when they hear a splash in the water…lets go check it out.

An Anhinga had jumped into the pond and was swimming with his head up. First one then two  Alligators were in hot pursuit.

Alligator and Anhinga
Two Alligators

I was too far away to really see what was happening. In fact I probably shouldn’t have bothered with these images with the glare on the water, but it was like watching a train wreck. I’m not sure if this churning of the water was the two Alligators having a spat or if the bird had ducked under and the gators lunged.

Alligator and Anhinga
Alligator with eyes reflecting in the water

The Alligators backed away a bit then the Anhinga popped up between them then leisurely swam along as if he were alone. A minute or two later they all lost interest and went their separate ways.

Alligator and Anhinga
Alligator and Anhinga

Click on images for larger view. 

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