Green Wall

Smithsonian Gardens: Green Wall / Brown Wall

I first became aware of Green Walls when Liz of the New Zealand based blog Exploring Colour posted about an installation in Balclutha, NZ. It is an impressive sight that uses mostly native plants and made an otherwise utilitarian looking space inviting.

Read Liz’s post with photos of the entire wall at Green Wall in Rural Town Centre and close ups of the plants at Green Wall (Part 2).

Just a couple weeks later at the Smithsonian’s Mary Livingston Ripley Garden in Washington DC I was surprised to find a short Green Wall. Much smaller than the Balclutha version  with smaller plants, the colors and textures were a visual treat.

Green Wall
Green Wall

Although not called a Brown Wall, that is what I would call this next construction, or perhaps an Insect Condo as a sign indicated was its purpose. I didn’t get close enough to see if it had occupents but it did look inviting.

Home for Insects
Home for Insects

Maybe this sign would slow down a stinking thief. I wondered if the gap in the Green Wall was due to theft or plant failure.

Sign: Don't Steal
Sign: Don’t Steal

I found this sign more to my liking. #SmithsonianGardens

Smithsonian Gardens Photography Encouraged
Smithsonian Gardens Photography Encouraged

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