Dragonfly on Stick

Tattered Dragonflies

Missing part of a wing didn’t slow this Dragonfly down one bit. He performed the usual lift off, turn and resettle routine on this stick at the edge of a pond-side dike several times.

Dragonfly on Stick
Dragonfly with wingtip missing on stick

A little further along the dike I spotted another Dragonfly with a wing tear. These insects are so delicate it is easy to imagine scenarios that would leave them damaged.

Dragonfly on Stick
Dragonfly with wing tear on stick

6 thoughts on “Tattered Dragonflies”

  1. Beautiful shots, Ellen, of what look to be Halloween Pennant dragonflies. As we move through the summer, I see more and more butterflies and dragonflies with damaged wings. Somehow they still manage to fly remarkably well..

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