10 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron in Pine”

  1. I love the angle of this shot–it almost looks like you too were perched in a tree. The feather detail that you were able to capture is also amazing.

      1. Still quite fascinated with this shot. There’s hints of colour. Has it been photo-edited to get the monochrome look or is that just the way the light was? Pls tell me about it Ellen (?)

      2. It was edited with a colorizing software. Unfortunately the software isn’t so sophisticated that it saves the steps of what was done and I don’t remember exactly. There are various dappling methods to select to apply the color, the strength of what is applied, and then the actual color itself. Images where the main subject has a cloudy sky background like this respond well to this treatment so the original lighting plays a part in the final image.

        I was pleased with the image, it seemed to create a perfect Great Blue Heron mood.

        Thanks for your interest, Liz!

  2. I like this photo very much The grey sky and the almost grey blue heron slightly contrasting with the green fir needle. It all gives this photo a very special atmosphere.

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