Pond at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Pond Reflections, A Touch of Pink

The past few weeks have been poor for getting new images; lots of grey days and thunderstorms at various times throughout the day, there are not many birds around, and the greater Charleston area has been mostly shut down since Monday due to the threat of Hurricane Florence.

I got a quick stroll in at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens on Sunday between rain storms. The air was still so the reflections in the ponds were pretty even though there wasn’t much light.

Pond at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
Pond at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Magnolia and all of my usual haunts are closed until the storm passes. Florence’s path and power for our area are still hard to predict but I expect I’ll see some changes when we are able to return.

14 thoughts on “Pond Reflections, A Touch of Pink”

    1. Thank you, Liz, so glad that you liked it! Yes, we are tucked in and now just waiting. The wind is blowing, but not to the point of being damaging and we’ve yet to see rain. To the north of us the situation is quite different, and scary. We are-thank you so much!!

    1. Thank you! Reflection images are among my favorites. We are in for the duration, although it looks now that the greater Charleston area is being spared the worst of it this time as NC is getting hammered.

    1. Thank you! The storm came inland much further north than first expected which is good for us, bad for NC. Wind today and we’ll likely have bands of rain tomorrow. Thanks for your concern!

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