Bald Eagle in Pine Tree

Bald Eagle Majesty

Sunday morning we saw at least seven Bald Eagles between two wildlife management areas we visited. I’m always in awe when I see one; their size and regal bearing when they sit is impressive and their flight skills are extraordinary.

This first one was likely watching the sunrise with us. We were hoping he was going to fish for breakfast in the pond in front of us, but after a half hour of waiting we moved on with him still sitting right there.

Bald Eagle in Pine Tree
Bald Eagle in Pine Tree

This utility pole sits at one end of the Bennets Point Road bridge over the Ashepoo River. From this vantage point the Eagle can see a vast area of river and marshland stretching at least a mile (1.6 KM) east and west.

Bald Eagle on Utility Post
Bald Eagle on Utility Post

8 thoughts on “Bald Eagle Majesty”

  1. I especially love your shot of the eagle in the pine tree, Ellen. I rarely get to see eagles perching for any length of time–it seems like they fly away as soon as they detect me, which is usually before I see them. I too am always in awe of them, even if it is only, as it was today, a tail-end view.

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    1. Thanks, Mike! Yes, I’m very familiar with that tail end view! When they do stay put for some photos I don’t know if these birds are acclimated to human activity around the WMA or just feel we aren’t a threat.

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