Wild Pigs

Pigs! Stop!

Ted spotted them when I was driving and of course yelled “stop!”  He got out of the car but I could not–it wasn’t a safe place to pull over plus I didn’t want to spook the pigs.

Wild Pigs
Wild Pigs

It was almost sunset with the sun was already down below the trees. I got a few images out the car window at a bad angle, in between watching out for cars running up behind us.

Wild Pigs
Wild Pigs

I was amazed how jet black this last little fellow was.

Wild Pigs
Wild Pigs

I expect Ted will have a variety of pictures and maybe a better story to tell.

Update: Ted’s version of events at TPJ Photo

12 thoughts on “Pigs! Stop!”

    1. They are cute, at a distance. We see them only occasionally but they are a nuisance problem all over South Carolina, destroying crops and yards when they find a place they like. They travel in pretty big groups, I think Ted counted twelve or thirteen here. Sadly they were introduced for sport hunting many years ago in a bad idea run amuck and now cause upwards of $100 million in damage yearly just in SC.

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