8 thoughts on “Water Lily, 4”

  1. This shot, Ellen, makes me think of Monet, arguably my favorite painter. I remember sitting entranced in the l’Orangerie museum in Paris in the two oval rooms with Monet’s massive paintings of waterlilies, literally surrounded by their beauty.

      1. Paris may well be my favorite place in the world. As you may recall, I spent three weeks there last November and was considering spending a month there this year. (I was a French major in college and spent my junior year of college in Paris and it has been special to me ever since.)

      2. I can see why, Mike, and yes I remember and enjoyed what you shared of your trip last fall. Plans on hold all around, hopefully travel will become a safe option while we are still interested in going places! I’m grateful that we have not been of the “oh, we’ll do that someday” mindset.

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