8 thoughts on “Water Lily, 4”

  1. This shot, Ellen, makes me think of Monet, arguably my favorite painter. I remember sitting entranced in the l’Orangerie museum in Paris in the two oval rooms with Monet’s massive paintings of waterlilies, literally surrounded by their beauty.

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      1. Paris may well be my favorite place in the world. As you may recall, I spent three weeks there last November and was considering spending a month there this year. (I was a French major in college and spent my junior year of college in Paris and it has been special to me ever since.)

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      2. I can see why, Mike, and yes I remember and enjoyed what you shared of your trip last fall. Plans on hold all around, hopefully travel will become a safe option while we are still interested in going places! I’m grateful that we have not been of the “oh, we’ll do that someday” mindset.


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