6 thoughts on “Gliding Brown Pelican”

    1. Thank you kindly! This is a place that can look different every time you go with changing light and reflections. And always fun to watch the Pelicans.

  1. I love shots like this, is it not just amazing that they can fly so close to the water just touching it with the tips of their wings. And here I have watched them glide so fast doing that over the river. I went down to the river the other day, and there were only a couple of white pelicans left. I believe they have moved on all ready. There were not as many as years past. Maybe next year again. Great photo Ellen. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sandra, me too! The Pelican’s flight skills are amazing, and seem so effortless. We get some of the white ones over the winter out in the wildlife management areas and I look forward to seeing them.

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