11 thoughts on “Orange Dragonfly, At a Point”

  1. Beautiful shot, Ellen. I love the contrast between the orange of the dragonfly’s body and the green of the vegetation. It looks to me like a male Needham’s Skimmer, but I am always reluctant to make any kind of definitive call on dragonflies that are outside of my area. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Mike, I was quite pleased when he stopped on the peak of that bent reed. Tall grass that I was reluctant to step into kept me from getting some different angles.
      You had mentioned Needham’s last year on one of my posts of a similarly colored fellow and I looked to see if this might be one, but also am not sure.


      1. There is a similar looking dragonfly called a Golden-winged Skimmer that is supposed to be hard to distinguish from a Needham’s. We don’t tend to have them where I live, so I am not much help with ID tips for telling them apart.

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  2. I was watching a dragon fly fluttering around in front of me this morning, it kind of looked like this one. When the sun hit the wings it looked like copper or gold. But I did not get up to get my camera. They never sit still very long around here. Wonderful photo Ellen.

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