4 thoughts on “Bald Eagle Pair, Nest”

    1. Thanks, Mike. Interestingly, we have been seeing Eagles fly over the pond where we watch the Great Blues nest, which is a new pattern this year. It is likely this pair, but can’t tell for sure as there is no clear sight line to their nest.

      I look forward to seeing “your” Eagles nesting activities.

      1. It’s always exciting, Ellen, to visit an area frequently over an extended period of time and observe the seasonal and yearly changes. That’s my preferred approach, though I recognize that some prefer to visit new places all of the time. (I have heard this described as “living deep” versus “living wide.”

      2. I’d not heard the distinction described that way, but like it. I do find returning to the deep of the familiar a comfort and there is always something different to see if you look carefully.

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