4 thoughts on “Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird On Purple”

  1. I did a whole post about courting the hummingbird shot. Got out early in advance, set up the tripod, placed the sun at the right spot, and waited.
    While I was perched with my eye to the viewfinder, I heard a droning buzz, and the hummingbird came beside me to feed on the Touch-Me-Nots in which I was concealed. So close, I could feel the breath of its wings on my forearm. I froze. I couldn’t possibly get a shot off, even if I could focus that close, and I didn’t want to startle the hummingbird and alert it to my presence.
    Instead, I sat in the morning sun and enjoyed one of the most memorable and magical moments of my birdwatching and photography experiences.



    1. A fabulous experience, Paz, likely better remembered for just enjoying it! I’m hoping the Touch-Me-Nots didn’t leave you with a lasting memory, too.

      The joy of being out with nature cannot be overstated.

    1. Thanks, Mike! I’ve set up several times in our backyard where we have a feeder beneath a trumpet vine, all unsuccessful. This one just popped into these flowers as I was photographing a nearby rose. The best results are so often accidental!

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