Grasshopper, All Green

Grasshopper Becoming Adult

This Grasshopper spent several weeks in a hibiscus plant on my patio, finding the plant to be nutritious as seen in my post Eating the Best Part. He did a job on the leaves, too.

Grasshopper, All Green
Grasshopper, August 3

When he started to turn brown it happened quickly.

Grasshopper, Turning Brown
Grasshopper, August 7

The last time I saw him he hadn’t changed much more, but he did show me his other side.

Grasshopper, August 10

9 thoughts on “Grasshopper Becoming Adult”

    1. I’m sorry I didn’t get more images in between, I really didn’t realize how much he was growing and changing. Or that he would stay right there for so long — it was at least four weeks.

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