16 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Magenta Lily”

  1. WordPress is kind of messed up. Although I am following yours and Teds blogs I still have to confirm my follow with every comment. And I can’t even comment on Donna’s (Bayphoto) at all. There I am required to log in despite being logged in already and I am just in a never-ending loop of logins. They have no idea about either case and have no help to offer.
    Pretty lily.

    1. I know, it is kind of discouraging, especially for something that was supposed to be so simple. Thanks for sticking with us despite the difficulties, Steve. Donna made some changes that WP just can’t seem to unravel, which makes a case for leaving your setup “as is” no matter what you’d like to do.

      This was a bloom all by itself, in a place I’ve never seen one–nature at work!

      1. I guess that I am fortunate that I’ve not had the desire to change anything with my theme or anything else.
        It’s always nice to find a solo bloom to have some isolation to work with.

      2. I know, very frustrating. We both pay, too, mostly to have more storage, but it would be nice to have it work as promised! I did some programming for awhile and know many pitfalls, in WPs case they can’t seem to leave things alone–always trying to make it “better.”

        It sure is, Steve, and the color on this one was unexpected, too.

    2. Yes, Steve. It’s annoying alright! I’m forever having to re-authenticate myself at WP blogs if I wish to leave a comment.On Ellen’s there was a tickbox I could tick so it’d remember my details which is helpful. Most don’t have that, and it gets pretty tedious!

      1. I’ve “spoken” to the “Happiness Engineers” a few times with no satisfaction. Just happy I am not paying for this. Donna pays for the service and still has these problems so that is not a solution.

  2. Gorgeous blossom, whatever day it is. WP has been giving me the same headaches and it has been going on for weeks now. It seems to work best if you follow the blog and comment from the feed. Going to the actual blog opens up a can of worms at this point.

    1. Thanks! Ugg, sorry that you are having troubles, too. I mostly look and comment on others’ posts using Reader on either my PC or iPad and rarely have the commenting problem.

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