Closeup of Decorative Window

Strawberry Chapel, Windows From Inside

I was impressed by the number and size of the glass windows at Strawberry Chapel given that it was built in 1725. Considerable expense would have been involved.

This window on the west side of the building has a view of the brick receiving crypt where remains would be kept prior to a funeral.

Strawberry Chapel Window
Strawberry Chapel Window, Some panes have been replaced due to vandalism

This is the view from the front of the room, one of the fenced burial plots is visible out the left window. I didn’t hear mention if these were the original pews, but most of the floor down the middle is original tile.

Strawberry Chapel Back Door and Window
Strawberry Chapel Back Door and Window

And the same view again, including the decorative window at the peak.

Strawberry Chapel Back Door and Window
Strawberry Chapel Back Door and Window

The west door has the same view as from that window to the left, shown in the first image. A matching door and small anti-room are on the opposite side.

Strawberry Chapel Side Door
Strawberry Chapel Side Door

September 10, 2022
Strawberry Chapel
Cordesville, South Carolina

The Anglican Church established “chapels of ease” throughout rural South Carolina in the 1700s for members to attend services close to home without trekking to an actual church.

Built in 1725, Strawberry Chapel is the only remaining structure from the Childsbury settlement on the Cooper River. The chapel is private property and Ted and I attended an educational / history event on the site.

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