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Willet in Flight

Willits are one of the shorebirds that poke around at the edge of the shore or at the edges of small ponds and inlets along the ocean. They look pretty drab until they take flight.

Willet in Flight
Willet in Flight

The distinguished white and black stripes that show on their wings set them apart from the Dowitchers and Yellowlegs.

Willet in Flight
Willet in Flight

This one came to shore where I was waiting for Dolphins and headed for a pool left on the beach by the falling tide.

Willet in Flight
Willet in Flight

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Black Skimmers Coming In

Black Skimmers by the hundreds flew down the beach and landed on a sand bar exposed by the low tide.

Black Skimmer Flock
Black Skimmer Flock – a few Gulls and Terns joined in

There were so many birds it was hard to chose where to photograph.

Black Skimmer Flock
Black Skimmer Flock

As the tide covered their original landing place they lifted off in groups and circled around to another appealing spot.

Black Skimmer Flock
Black Skimmer Flock Coming at me.

We had the good fortune to watch this for over an hour until we were driven out by the incoming tide.

Black Skimmer Flock
Black Skimmer Flock Going away from me

Morris Island Light Through Driftwood

This was a quiet January day at the north end of Folly Island, without even a gull in sight. This pile of driftwood marks the spot where high tide can trap you on the beach if you aren’t watchful.

Morris Island

This listing light, decommissioned in 1962, guided ships near Charleston Harbor. Once on shore, shifting sands have resulted in the light now being off shore, surrounded by sand bars. All remnants of the accompanying housing complex are long gone.

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Catching A Wave

This small jetty helped create the splash and served as a seat while waiting for just the right combination of waves and wildlife to come into view.


On this day Pelicans, Gulls and Dolphins were all possibilities to be included in the shot. I need to go back and try again.


Morris Island Light as viewed from Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve at the northeastern tip of Folly Island, SC.


Seaside Art

The view of Stony Creek Harbor through the frame created by the artwork shown above changes with every step as you pass by, allowing you to focus on individual elements of a busy scene.


Unexpected in this seaside village, I continued on to what turned out to be an artsy walk.

The piece below is on the same lawn as the frame. A giant knot? Is the small orb on the ground just under the left edge part of the piece or a stray golf ball? I’m no visionary when it comes to interpreting art but I like this.


The next image is not of “art” but seemed artful to me. An abundance of horizontal and vertical lines intersecting, but not quite perpendicular. Level on one line makes crooked on another.


Nature and man combined to make this an artful view.


This one is all nature, beach roses hanging on as fall closes in.