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Framed Light

Every day the shifting water and wind add and remove sand and debris at the end of Folly Island. These dead trees provide some interest and natural framing to the view of Morris Island Light, left stranded on a sand bar a number of years ago.

Morris Island Light
Morris Island Light

Taken at the beginning of September before storm Irma came to town I would not be surprised on my next visit to find these particular tree limbs gone.

Morris Island Light
Morris Island Light

Folly Beach, SC, 9/3/2017

Morris Island Light Through Driftwood

This was a quiet January day at the north end of Folly Island, without even a gull in sight. This pile of driftwood marks the spot where high tide can trap you on the beach if you aren’t watchful.

Morris Island

This listing light, decommissioned in 1962, guided ships near Charleston Harbor. Once on shore, shifting sands have resulted in the light now being off shore, surrounded by sand bars. All remnants of the accompanying housing complex are long gone.

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Catching A Wave

This small jetty helped create the splash and served as a seat while waiting for just the right combination of waves and wildlife to come into view.


On this day Pelicans, Gulls and Dolphins were all possibilities to be included in the shot. I need to go back and try again.


Morris Island Light as viewed from Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve at the northeastern tip of Folly Island, SC.