Turtles Extreme Posing

On Sunday I posted photos of turtles posing on an Alligator ramp and logs to sun themselves out of the water. Yesterday in the same spot an Alligator was using a turtle as a head rest and more turtles were clambering to join the group.


Further along in a different pond a similar activity was taking place with a much larger Alligator, only this time the turtles were on top.


Do they have no suspicion that they might be lunch?


We returned by this spot about an hour and a half later to find the Alligator had changed position but at least one free-loader was still in place.


The nature guide at Magnolia Garden identifies these turtles as Yellow-bellied Sliders.

Click on photo for larger view.

4 thoughts on “Turtles Extreme Posing”

    1. Thanks, Belinda. We do see them lined up on the Alligator platforms side-by-side but this is the first time I’ve seen them stack up like this. I don’t know how often the Alligators eat and maybe the turtles are just willing to take a chance.

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