Magnolia Plantation

Holiday Trimmings and New Camera

I’ve wanted a second camera to have at the ready for landscape shots when I am out shooting wildlife for awhile. Switching lenses for those shots then missing a bird opportunity happens regularly or I just don’t bother then wish I had those landscapes later. A lighter camera to carry when walking around town also had appeal.  I’ve taken the plunge and purchased a mirrorless system camera.

Long White Bridge at Magnolia Plantation
Long White Bridge at Magnolia Plantation

I originally was planning on a non-interchangeable lens camera to keep the size down. However, after much research and deliberation I decided on the Sony Alpha 6500. Image stabilization, the choice of lenses, and the way it feels in my hand were the final deciding factors.

Magnolia Plantation
Magnolia Plantation House

Magnolia Plantation is trimmed with red and green for the season and provided a great opportunity for some landscape shots. I usually don’t take photos around the house because of the tourists but today the area was remarkably people free when we returned from walking around the dike.

Magnolia Plantation
Magnolia Plantation Gazebo

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