Black Ant on Duckweed

Walking on Duckweed

This ant was marching across the surface of a pond covered with Duckweed as if it was solid, catching my eye with the shadow he cast. Individual Duckweed plants consist of a single floating leaf no bigger than a piece of long-grain rice.

Black Ant on Duckweed
Black Ant on Duckweed – click image for larger view

5 thoughts on “Walking on Duckweed”

  1. Hey Ellen, this is an amazing photo! It really has to be seen at max size to appreciate it. The duckweed is so textural and that wee ant with his perfect shadow! Wow. And those strange leaf-on-stalk things – what are they? They make such cute ‘flower’ shadows! The shadows are so sharp! Magnificent!

    1. Thanks, Liz, glad you enjoyed it. I’ve taken shots of that “leaf-on-stalk” and its shadow many times but never could make it into anything–I guess I needed the ant. Sorry, I don’t know what it is–need to check into that.

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