Dragonfly on Stick

Dragonfly: Changing Background

I was able to get a variety of images of this posing Dragonfly by shifting myself to the left and right and up and down a bit, changing the background.

Dragonfly on Stick
href=”https://passingbyphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/531a0928-edit.jpg”> Dragonfly on Stick – reddish background[/
The red color was created by Mosquito Fern growing on the pond surface behind the Dragonfly and the green was created by Duck Weed.

Dragonfly on Stick
f=”https://passingbyphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/531a0936-edit.jpg”> Dragonfly on Stick – green to red background[/capt
The Dragonfly was very obliging and struck a classic pose on a dead thorny branch almost at my eye level.

Dragonfly on Stick
ttps://passyingbyphoto.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/531a0951-edit.jpg”> Dragonfly on Stick – red to green background

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4 thoughts on “Dragonfly: Changing Background”

  1. Love the wonderful photos of a very handsome male Great Blue Skimmer. It is cool to see how you can change the background of the image just by varying your position (I initially thought you were talking about Photoshop when I read the title of your posting, which, by the way, has a minor typo.)

    1. Thanks, Mike! I’ve tried to be more conscious of the background as I’ve had photos that were hard to edit due to a gap in the background or stick that so easily could have been eliminated with a slight shift. It’s not always possible when you’re in the wild but this was the perfect opportunity to make big changes by moving my feet.
      Thanks for pointing out the typo–I didn’t intend to create a new species. 🙂

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