10 thoughts on “Dragonfly in Flight”

  1. Wonderful shots, Ellen. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to photograph dragonflies in flight and I can testify to the difficulties associated with doing so. One of the biggest difficulties in doing so is tracking the moving dragonfly. If you are lucky enough to have one hover, you have a fighting chance of getting a shot, assuming you can focus on it. Were you able to use auto-focus? Some of my best in-flight shots have come when I switched to manual focus. FYI, I can’t tell for sure, but the dragonfly looks like it might be a Common Green Darner (I thought I saw some green on the thorax (the “chest” area) in the second photo.

    1. Thanks, Mike! I knew you would be familiar with the effort! Yes, these were with auto-focus. Interesting, I’ve never tried it with manual, but now I will. I was hoping he would land so I could at least get a better body shot but that didn’t happen.

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