6 thoughts on “Little Blue Heron, Frog Snack”

  1. Thanks for sharing this snippet of life (and death) in the swamp! I said swamp because of the swamp cypress but what do you call this wet area Ellen?

    1. You’re welcome!

      It’s actually a pond, man-made over a hundred years ago, as part of the grounds at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. A swamp is technically a “forested wetland” so I’d say it qualifies as that, too, as there are trees standing in the water. There is also a small stand of bamboo on one side and another larger area of bamboo behind the pond, makes it all seem exotic. (When the mosquitos aren’t out!)

    1. Thanks, Donna! And it really hasn’t been warm enough for the frogs to be active so I was surprised. We’ve seen a few anoles out and about, but this was my first frog of the season.

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