12 thoughts on “Swamp Wildflowers, Iris”

    1. Thanks, Carol. No, I this was my Canon 100-400 mm IS lens.

      I recently got Canon’s 100mm prime macro, and while I really like it, when out in the wilds I find it is often hard to get close enough to a subject.

      1. I keep thinking I’d like to get a macro lens, but then figure I should really get much better at using the lenses and cameras that I already have😅. I’ve had two Canon 100 – 400 lenses, and don’t think I could ever get a shot of a flower that was this clear and sharp!

      2. What do you have for a body? Mine is the Canon 7D Mark II .
        I get great closeups with the 100-400, when the light is good. I’ve also taken some nice landscapes with it.
        I hemmed and hawed about it, and finally bought the Macro used from KEH. The aperture on the Macro 100 prime goes from 2.8 to 35!!!

      3. Wow that would be great! My camera body is a Canon 5D Mark II, which I bought 5 to 6 years ago. I tend to use my Sigma 150 to 600 zoom lens often for birds. It’s heavy but it has great reach.☺️

      4. That’s the lens Ted uses, I’ve tried it but just cannot hold it steady. I’ve also tried with a monopod but then have trouble with birds in flight. After tripping myself a few times I gave up on that. I’ve tried a couple of extenders, too, to get more reach but the loss of light / increase in ISO is disappointing. Always a trade off of some kind!

      5. So true! Wish there was a perfect solution that I loved over the long term!😅
        A friend of mine loves her small bridge camera, because it’s so easy to handle. I have a Panasonic LUMIX DMZ-FZ1000 and a Canon PowerShot SX 60, but I don’t have much success with either one.😏

      6. Me, too! I got a mirrorless Sony Alpha 6500 a couple years ago, hoping to carry it along for landscape and closer subjects. It is a bit lighter and I can carry both, but the settings are cumbersome to change and I’m generally not happy with the results. 😜 If you find that perfect solution please share!

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