Magnolia Cemetery, Smith Pyramid through fence of Martin-Aiken Plot

Smith Pyramid, Magnolia Cemetery, B&W

Magnolia Cemetery is full of oddities; to me this pyramid is one of the oddest. I think a tree or large limb must have recently fallen as I don’t recall seeing this view before. Or maybe I’ve been too busy watching the birds.

Magnolia Cemetery, Smith Pyramid through fence of Martin-Aiken Plot
Magnolia Cemetery, Smith Pyramid behind fence of Martin-Aiken Plot

Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC

3 thoughts on “Smith Pyramid, Magnolia Cemetery, B&W”

  1. It looks like a haunted place. The pyramid looks like a time-traveling capsule. Is the thing to the right that looks like a headless robed figure a headless robed figure?

  2. Time capsule is a good description and I find many of the memorials there creepy. In their day the big spending and being outlandish was pretty common among the well to do, a “keeping up with the Joneses” vibe. I think these folks won that contest.

    I’m not sure if that “headless” statue was a person that had one or if it is one in the style of a cloaked urn, another popular memorial style from the 1800s. If it is headless, it is not by design.

    Storms, falling trees, and just the ravages of time have taken a toll. Many of the plots are marked “perpetual care,” which if you aren’t familiar, means family paid up front to ensure the plot would be kept up. The cemetery association can barely keep up with mowing and tree cleanup. Damage to the monuments and fencing goes un-repaired unless a family is actively involved.

    It’s a fascinating place with lots of history. The ponds, tree variety and its position just off a marsh attract a lot of birds.

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