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View of Rice Field Pond: Black and White

It was one of those mornings that started with a spectacular sunrise then the clouds closed in. When processing my images I liked this scene through the rice trunk and tried black and white to give the colorless sky and water some mood.

Black and White Landscape Old Rice Field Pond
Black and White Landscape Old Rice Field Pond

Trunks are rather ingenious yet simple wooden device used to control water flow into and out of the fields.

Great Blue Heron Showing Off

This Great Blue Herons was putting her all into vocalizing and showing off her plumes as nesting season has begun. She has claimed one of the most prized nesting trees so I doubt she’ll be alone for long.

Great Blue Heron Posturing
Great Blue Heron Posturing – click for larger view

Last season’s nest on this spot was completely removed by various storms so she and her mate will have a lot of work to do.