The Skinny Tree, Ravenswood Pond

Skinny Tree at Rest

I would never be surprised to find the Skinny Tree had succumbed to the elements and fallen into the pond. Happily, it made it through another wading bird nesting season,  providing a start to one Great Blue Heron chick in the top nest and five or six Great Egret chicks in at least two nests lower down.

All sorts of birds will use the tree as a perch for the next several months for fleeting moments. Come December the cycle will start again again when the Great Blue Herons start staking out nest sites and hopefully this tree will be around to participate.

The Skinny Tree, Ravenswood Pond
The Skinny Tree, Ravenswood Pond

It appears that the duck box has no bottom, so any Wood Ducks looking for a nesting spot will have to find another location.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Charleston, SC
July 23, 2021

2 thoughts on “Skinny Tree at Rest”

  1. I have so enjoyed following the life of The Skinny Tree. It has become an endearing regular guest on your blog.
    And a fine host to those beautiful birds!



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