6 thoughts on “Common Yellowthroat Warbler, Female”

    1. Thanks, Liz! LOL, yes, it did!! We were driving a dirt road along the field with the butterflies and a few birds were in the road. They flew to my side into edge of the woods and this one paused — I was kind of surprised she didn’t just keep on flying.

      1. How nice! Btw, as you know we’re well into spring now but yesterday turned nasty in the afternoon with very strong blasts of wind, periods of rain.. and then overnight snow. So now it’s all white outside – the Blue Mountains of course – but all over our lawn and plants as well. Neither of us are very pleased about this development! Grrrrgh and Brrrrr!

      2. Oh my, mother nature giving you surprise. Hopefully all melted and warmer by now. We are predicted to get our first frost late next week; it would not hurt my feelings if it held off.

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