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Anhinga Pair Nesting

Busy working on their nest at the end of the day this Anhinga pair was a challenge to photograph due to the low light. I used Dfine 2 to reduce the noise, hoping to keep the wing detail.


The male brought Spanish Moss and branches for nesting materials


Practically condo living,  all this activity is  just below an active Great Blue Heron nest. The GBH neighbors are mostly tolerant, but occasionally sqwak  over the side of their higher perch.

Anhinga Pair Nesting

Magnolia Plantation Audubon Swamp Rookery, 2/13 & 2/14 2017,

Anhinga Feeding

More “how’d he do that?”

A few days ago I posted photographs of an Anhinga flexing his neck in an unnatural looking way. This week I saw another Anhinga flipping a fish like a Benihana chef–he didn’t have the height but he had some other moves.

Anhinga with fish

I don’t know how he stabbed the fish, especially in that murky water covered with duck weed. But once he had the fish speared it was a mere minute before he swallowed the fish … whole!

Anhinga with fish

His end game is to get the fish facing head first down his throat so that any spines on the fish won’t get lodged on the way down. Flip, turn, turn, turn.

Anhinga with fish

He was an expert and at no time lost his hold on the fish. At the same time the Anhinga has to swim to keep afloat.

Anhinga with fish

There would be no getting away for this fish, stabbed completely through.

Anhinga with fish

I didn’t get any clear shots of the fish going down and it was over in an amazingly short amount of time. The Anhinga then swam to nearby platform, lifted out of the water and fanned his wings to dry.

Anhinga Drying

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Magnolia Plantation Rice Field Pond, Charleston, SC.