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Harris’ Hawk

The Harris’s Hawk can be found in the southwestern United States,  through arid regions of Central America and South America. They are one of a few birds of prey known to hunt cooperatively.

Harris’s Hawk
Harris’s Hawk – Sony Alpha 6500, Sony 55-210 MM lens

This Harris’s Hawk was one of the birds that flew as part of the photography day presentation. It was fascinating to watch but my images weren’t great. I’ve included this one to show his beautiful brown and red colors.

Harris’s Hawk
Harris’s Hawk

I had much better in flight shots when I participated in this event in November, 2016.

Harris’s Hawk,  Parabuteo unicinctus

The Center for Birds of Prey offers photographers an opportunity to take close-up photographs of owls and other birds of prey a few times a year.

The Center for Birds of Prey, Photography Day, April 22, 2018,  Awenda, SC.