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Bird Convention

With no apparent connection to dry land this old wall or walkway out in a  marshy inlet of the Cooper River makes a perfect spot for a bird gathering.


This marsh borders Charleston’s Magnolia Cemetery, some of which has sunk into the marsh. It’s hard to tell if it may have been a part of the cemetery property.


I followed a berm to get a closer shot but was driven to retreat by a viscous horde of mosquitoes.


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I’ll Ignore You…

Sharing the shallow edge of the Cooper River in the shadow of Charleston’s Ravenel Bridge these two waders patiently ignored each other as they went about their business.


The Snowy Egret was intent on personal grooming and the Tricolored Heron was in search of dinner.


They ignored the noise of a live concert happening at the adjacent Waterfront Park and a small airplane practicing banking over the river as well.


The Tricolored Heron finally moved along, flapping his wings in the late afternoon sun.


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Turkey Vulture at the River

I startled this vulture as he was feeding on a dead fish washed up at a boat landing on the Wando River. This, of course, startled me. Vultures are abundant near Charleston, SC, but this is the first one I’ve seen with his toes in the water.


Similar to the Black Vultures, the Turkey Vulture is elegant in flight.


He swooped up to a nearby dock waiting for me to move on.