Pelican and Kyakers

Shem Creek Pelicans

Brown Pelicans are attracted to Shem Creek by the commercial fishing activity and are often seen cleaning up behind the boats as they clean their catch. Other times they drop into the creek and fish on their own.

Pelicans in Shem Creek
Pelicans in Shem Creek

Shem Creek also hosts a Kayak/Stand Up Paddleboard rental shop and a public boat ramp for those with their own equipment. This pair of paddlers wasn’t paying much attention to the Pelicans gliding by. I’m not sure how that would be possible.

Pelican and Kyakers
Pelican and Kyakers

Pelicans will land on anything and everything. Their sheer size (between 4 and 11 pounds) always makes them stand out. I liked this shot with the colorful hulls in the background.

Pelican Resting on Docked Boat
Pelican Resting on Docked Boat

Shem Creek – click image for larger viewTaken with my new 20mm lens, 3/24/2018.

Sony Alpha 6500, Sony 20mm F2.8

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