Bee on Iris

Insects on Irises

It was a dull day and my images of the Japanese Iris border at Swan Lake and Iris Gardens didn’t amount to much. The insect activity on the iris flowers was much more interesting.

Here a bee is backing out of the flower center after adding to his pollen cache.

Bee on Iris
Bee on Iris

He buzzed around the back of the flower and if you zoom in you can see one tiny leg sticking out from the right side of the stem under the petal stem. I didn’t see the second insect on the petal until I was developing the images.

Insect on Iris
Insect on Iris – click on image to enlarge

A small spider crawled all over the petals of this delacately colored bloom.

Spider on Iris
Spider on Iris

Meanwhile a Skipper was touching all the parts of the next flower over.

Skipper on Iris
Skipper on Iris

This is a section of the Iris border that is on a pond. There is a dragonfly perched  on a frond just left and below center–another one I spotted after I got home. I expect there was more insect activity that wasn’t as obvious.

Dragonfly on Iris
Iris Border with a Dragonfly

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