Alligators and Spoonbills

Spoonie Tree with Roseate Spoonbills, and More

This tree is affectionately known as the “Spoonbill Tree” by the many photographers that frequent this location.

Alligators and Spoonbills
Alligator in water, Alligator under the Tree, and Roseate Spoonbills

Some days when I stop by there is lots of activity and this day in September was one of them.

Alligators and Spoonbills
Spoonbills Sleeping in the Spoonie Tree

A close look at the exposed roots and the leafless branches tell a story of a tree that is closer to the end of its life than the beginning.

Alligators and Spoonbills
Alligators and Spoonbills

I will not be surprised at any time to discover it has fallen over. In the mean time it is well used as a bird perch.

Great Egret and Spoonbills
Great Egret and Spoonbills

Donnelley Wildlife Management Area
Green Pond, SC
September 20, 2020

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