7 thoughts on “Oldest Tree, Middleton Place”

  1. The idea that a thousand years went by without someone trying to hurt the tree is truly amazing. Living proof that humans can show restraint when they choose to. What a beautiful witness.

  2. Love this dual marking of time, or is it triple? .. if the water over the edge actually flows then it’s like “as time goes by” 😀

    1. Yes it is triple, Liz! There is moving water that ebbs and flows.

      There are actually two bodies of water in the picture. The more obvious water is a pond. If you zoom in you can see there is a dike at the back side of the pond and a narrow strip of the Ashley River is visible just beyond that. The pond was man-made along the edge of the river, which is tidal, to grow rice. Enslaved people provided the labor, all witnessed by this tree.

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