Drayton Hall

Drayton Hall, First Visit

Ted and I visited Drayton Hall, one of the historic plantations on the Ashley River for the first time today.

Due to a confluence of circumstances of our timing, a day where the heat index was going over 90 F (32 C) so they were limiting traffic in the house, and busloads of other visitors we did not go inside.

Drayton Hall, River Side
Drayton Hall, River Side, Some excavation work being done on lower right side of building

From the front, or at least the more opulent, entrance. I found it odd that there were no gardens or plantings immediately around the house.

Drayton Hall
Drayton Hall, Framed by a very large live oak tree.

We’ll go back after it cools off a bit here, and the tourist traffic slows.

Drayton Hall, Charleston, SC
September 21, 2022

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