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Slow Bird Day at Donnelley

A Snowy Egret was striking a pose on a pylon overlooking a full creek. This was about the only wading bird activity I saw on this trip.

Snowy Egret on Pylon
Snowy Egret on Pylon

The water was very high on both sides of the dike leaving the “Spoony Tree” standing in water. The pond level was too high for wading birds to feed.

The Spoonie Tree
The Spoonie Tree with Anhinga and Great Egret

For comparison here is the tree a couple months earlier when there were some Spoonbills around and a few Alligators lounged in the shallow water. The dirt around the roots has washed away and the tree appears dead. It won’t be a surprise to find out this tree has fallen over.

The Spoonie Tree
The Spoonie Tree with Cormorant and Roseate Spoonbills, Alligators lounging below

Donnelley Wildlife Management Area, SC
First two images: 6/18/2019
Third image: 4/18/2019