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Grackle and a Menacing Sky

A storm seemed imminent with darkening clouds and some distant thunder so I was headed back to my car from the swamp. A number of Grackles were entertaining me along the way, including this one perched on a slowly deteriorating tree. The tree reminds me of an artwork, perhaps a wrist and hand holding up the sky.

Grackle in Dead Tree
Grackle in Dead Tree

A few more steps along and a different look to the sky and those outstretched fingers.

Grackle in Dead Tree
Grackle in Dead Tree

I had driven barely a mile down the road when the sun came out bright. I’ve learned that summer thunder/rain storms around Charleston can be very localized and nothing to mess with.

Not in Kansas, Either

The swirling of the clouds reminded me of the beginning of the movie Wizard of Oz when Dorothy was still in Kansas. It was more than a little eerie and cause to review our storm plan.

Swirling Storm Clouds – click for larger view.

A flock of Canada Geese made their way to safety, honking and trying in vain to get into a tidy V.

Canada Geese Flying in Storm – click for larger view.

It was oddly calm on the ground and we were fortunate that the system passed with no damage.

Summerville, SC 03/31/2017